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turtles’ trip Story

once upon a time. In a large and green forest, among tall trees, next to a clear and full of water pond, Mr. Turtle’s family had a small nest. Daddy turtle, mommy turtle and their little son lived in that nest.

One day when the little turtle was bored, his parents decided to take him to the plain next to the forest for a walk. They gathered their things and took a lot of delicious food. The little turtle’s mouth watered when he saw the food. He was quite happy, because he was going on a trip and hoped that he would find a friend for himself.

Mr. Turtle’s family left the nest. They walked and walked! They walked so much that after a week they reached the plain next to the forest.

The little turtle was so happy. He looked at the plain and said:
Wow! Hooray! I can play in this plain! I just need to eat something before that! My stomach is rumbling, mom!

Mommy turtle and daddy turtle were very hungry. Because they were on the road for a week and did not have time to eat well. Mommy Turtle took the lunch items out of the basket and Daddy Turtle put a delicious canned bean on the floor. The little turtle’s mouth was watering!

Suddenly Mommy turtle said sadly:
Wow! I left the can opener at home!

Mr. Turtle’s family was very upset. daddy turtle thought a little and said:
It’s okay dear! My son, go home and bring the can opener!

The little turtle scratched his head and said:
I will not return home! I’m hungry! If I come back and you eat the beans, what will I eat?

Mommy turtle said kindly:
my son! We can’t open cans without the can opener! The cans are very hard!

Daddy Turtle said:
my son! We promise to wait until you come back so we can all eat together!

Finally, the little turtle agreed and walked sadly to go back to the house and get the door opener! Mommy turtle and Daddy turtle also went to their shells to wait for their son to return!

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A day has passed! two days! A week has passed! The belly of the turtle mommy and the turtle daddy was screaming! Ten days passed and the little turtle did not return! Finally, Mommy turtle came out of her shell and said:
I think let’s eat some food! I am very very hungry!

Daddy turtle said:
No! No! We promised our son to wait for him to come back!

Mother and father of the little turtle went back to their shell and waited! Fifteen days had passed since the little turtle left, when the little turtle’s father said:
Let’s eat some fruit until our son comes back! We promised not to eat canned beans! We can eat the fruits!

Why didn’t we think of it earlier?! We can eat fruit! Mommy turtle said happily.

Mommy turtle took out the fruit container and put some fruits in the plate! Just as they were about to put the fruits in their mouths, the little turtle jumped out from behind the trees and said:
you see? you see? You didn’t keep your promise! It’s good that I didn’t go home! If not, you would eat canned beans!

Can you believe it guys? The little turtle had not moved at all in these fifteen days! Daddy Turtle said:
Wow! my son! Whenever we make a promise to you, we will definitely keep it! We didn’t want to eat beans even now! These are fruits!

In short, my friends, Mr. turtle’s family ate all the fruits together and then returned home and took the can opener and went to the other side of the forest to start another trip. They ate canned beans and laughed and had a good time.


turtles’ trip


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